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Stressed? You need these natural Australian skincare ingredients in your daily routine.

by Noelle Australia |

We get it. It’s the start of the year, and everyone is stressed.

Luckily, though, here in Australia (and even if we forget sometimes) we are surrounded by a vast wilderness. A wilderness abundant with natural delights, that we can use in our times of need.

Stress is one of these times, and we believe that connecting with nature holds the solution to relieving our stress. By using what nature gives us, particularly in our skincare, we can prime ourselves for the pressures of our lives.

If this is overwhelming and you don’t know where to start, don’t worry.

Today, we’re going to walk you through the best that the Australian wilderness has to offer, to relieve stress, that you should consider incorporating into your daily skincare routine.

5 Amazing stress relief ingredients for your skincare routine

  • Tea Tree
  • Eucalyptus
  • Lavender
  • Geranium
  • Wild Hibiscus

Tea Tree

The first natural stress healer on our list is tea tree. Tea tree is a natural skin remedy as it packed with potent phytonutrients that help detoxify the stressed body, and also calm the mind. It smells amazing, too. 



We call eucalyptus our rainforest treasure. Not only does eucalyptus naturally soothe stress and anxiety, it also increases energy and calms muscle and joint pain. If that isn’t enough, it bears a fresh, minty fragrance that has the uncanny ability to bring a little bit of rainforest to you, no matter where you are. Very zen.

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Lavender is more than just a pretty, fragrant flowering plant. Wild Australian lavender is as free and unhindered as our rugged, untamed landscapes. We love the use of lavender for stress relief due to its fresh, floral scent and secret super powers: calming restlessness and inducing sleep. It can even improve mental focus and promote a healthy appetite, both of which will inevitably lead to a healthier handling of stressors in our everyday lives.



This gorgeous flower is also a little ninja when it comes to finding peace and quiet in our anxious, tired and stressed out bodies and minds. Let the power of the flower dissolve your thoughts, and take you somewhere mellow.


Wild Hibiscus

Wild Hibiscus is one of our favourite Australian native delights, and the best of the best when it comes to soothing stress and finding calm in your busy, tense life. The precious petals of the wild hibiscus flowers are packed full of potent skin-rejuvenating antioxidants that revitalise and help you release the troubles of your day. The fragrance of the wild hibiscus also invigorates us with energy, propelling us forward and into the sunshine.
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No matter what you are stressed about, we hope you find calm and relief. If you’re looking for Australian native, organic skincare products that make the most of the naturally abundant wilderness delights of our beautiful country, check out our stress relief range. We’ve harvested the most precious, delicate and powerful ingredients, to ensure that you reap the full benefits of nature’s gifts.

All natural.

All Australian.

All for you.


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