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Face Cream - Kakadu Plum Brighten + Renew Night Cream

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  • Porcelain Diffuser
  • Ingredients

Lift your soul and take in the majestic Whitehaven Beach and it's invigorating ocean breeze infused with a distinctive note of sea salt and a clean sundried marine crispness.

Marvell in the pure white pure sand that's 98% silica as it touches the turquoise Coral Sea for 7km's stretch along Whitehaven Beach, one of QLD's most picturesque destinations.

Our one-of-a-kind diffusing “wand” is made from the magical bisque porcelain, traditionally used in Europe for the finest sculpture and pottery. It is a luxurious unglazed material with a matte appearance and texture, exclusively hand-made to enhance the sensory experience with a maximum fragrance-throw increasing scent endurance.

The fragrance will last 3 times longer than the reed sticks in the normal environment.



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