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Face Cream - Kakadu Plum Brighten + Renew Night Cream

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  • Porcelain Diffuser
  • Ingredients

Connect with the sprawling wilderness that makes up the country town of Ballarat. Indulge in aromas of earthy soil, peppery leather and a metallic crispness that embodies the 1950s gold rush era.

Australia's iconic 1950's Gold Rush town of Ballarat in Victoria retains much of the charm of old, alive with the history and grandeur of those who found their fortunes in the fields

Our one-of-a-kind diffusing “wand” is made from the magical bisque porcelain, traditionally used in Europe for the finest sculpture and pottery. It is a luxurious unglazed material with a matte appearance and texture, exclusively hand-made to enhance the sensory experience with a maximum fragrance-throw increasing scent endurance.

The fragrance will last 3 times longer than the reed sticks in the normal environment.



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